Piotr Teterwak

I am a first year PhD student at Boston University and am very lucky to be co-advised by Professor Kate Saenko and Professor Bryan Plummer. Prior to my PhD, I was an AI Resident on the Perception Team at Google Research, where I spent two amazing years, working with Dr. Dilip Krishnan, Dr. Ce Liu, Professor Mike Mozer, and many others. Prior to that, I spent time on the ML team at Apple, and worked at a startup called Turi. I got my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Dartmouth College.

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I'm broadly interested in machine learning and computer vision, and am particularly interested in learning compact but semantically rich representations of our world.

Supervised Contrastive Learning
Prannay Khosla*, Piotr Teterwak*, Chen Wang, Aaron Sarna, Yonglong Tian, Phillip Isola, Aaron Maschinot, Ce Liu, Dilip Krishnan

* Indicates equal contribution.

NeurIPS, 2020

A new loss function to train supervised deep networks, based on contrastive learning. Our new loss performs significantly better than cross-entropy across a range of architectures and data augmentations.

Boundless:Generative Adverserial Networks for Image Extension
Piotr Teterwak, Aaron Sarna, Dilip Krishnan, Aaron Maschinot, David Belanger, Ce Liu, William T. Freeman

ICCV 2019
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Pretrained Models and Tutorial

We adapt GAN's for the image extrapolation problem, and use a novel feature conditioning to improve results.


CS 585 - Image and Video Computing

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