CS 585: Image and Video Computing

In this class, you will learn techniques used to interpret images and video and you will analyze and evaluate algorithms for various computer vision tasks. I hope to help you develop your toolbox that you will be able to use to develop creative solutions to visual problems in the class, your future studies, and your future career.

Lecture: Tuesday / Thursday 12:30 - 2 in MCS B33
Labs: Friday 11 - 12 and 2 - 3
Lecturer: Diane H. Theriault Office hours: Friday 12 - 1 and 3 - 4:30 in the undergraduate lab. Other days and times by appointment
Teaching Fellow: Wenxin Feng. Office hours: Monday 3:30 - 5 and 6 - 7 in the undergraduate lab. Other days and times by appointment


Our class page on Piazza is: https://piazza.com/bu/spring2014/cs585/home.

Our development platform will be OpenCV with C++ and Visual Studio. The undergraduate lab machines are all configured with OpenCV 2.4.7 and Visual Studio 2012. Visual Studio 2012 Tutorial


Week Of Tuesday Thursday Friday Assignment Projects
1/13 Introduction Image Representation Thresholding and Color
1/20 Image Formation Connected Components Gradients Edges Project 1 Assigned
1/27 Face Detection Face Detection C++ and Object Properties Face Detection and Tracking
2/3 SIFT Keypoints SIFT Descriptors OpenCV Image Features and Matching SIFT Feature Matching
2/10 Binary Image Analysis Segmentation: Active Contours Review None Project Proposals Due
2/17 Midterm Geometric Transformations (Drop Date) Image Transformation Geometry and Image Transformation Proposal Peer Review due. Form Project Groups
2/24 Feature-based alignment with RANSAC Image Normalization and Blending Mosaic Creation Mosaic Creation
3/3 Feature Tracking Feature Tracking Feature Tracking
3/10 Spring Break
3/17 Optical Flow Structure from Motion Video Stabilization Video Stabilization
3/24 Particle Filtering Contour Tracking Project Progress Report Due
3/31 Background Modeling and Kalman Filtering Data Association and MHT Multi-target Tracking Multi-target Tracking Progress Report Feedback Due
4/7 Epipolar Geometry Camera Calibration (extrinsics) 3D Reconstruction Camera Calibration and 3D Reconstruction
4/14 Radial distortion and Camera Calibration (intrinsics) Bundle Adjustment Auto-calibration Camera Calibration
4/21 Fourier Transforms Monday Schedule Fourier Transforms Manipulating Frequency Content (optional) Final Project Peer Review
4/28 Final Projects Final Projects Final Project Presentations