Contact – John Magee

Email: mageejo -at-

Boston University
Department of Computer Science
111 Cummington St
Boston, MA 02215

CS Dept (617) 353-8919
Fax (617) 353-6457

Directions to MCS211

MCS is the Math and Computer Science building at 111 Cummington St.
MCS211 is an office inside the research lab on the 2nd floor.

To visit my office:
You should go to the main entrance to the research lab on the 2nd floor (blue dot).
Behind you, in the stairwell, is a campus phone. Call my office ext. 3-8921 (or 617-353-8921).
I will come let you in.

If you let me know you're coming ahead of time, I will keep an eye out for you.

Please note that nobody will answer the phone at other times during the day. Please do not call at other times.