I received my B.E. degree from the National Institute of Technology Karnatata, Surathkal and a M.E. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. After completion of graduate study, I joined IBM Research, New Delhi as a research staff member. While at IBM, I worked on research projects related to crop area estimation from satellite imagery, and, relevance feedback for image and video retrieval. My contribution relates to exploiting negative feedback (retrieved results tagged by the user as not relevant to the current query) to refine the search space. A small set of labeled examples are available during relevance feedback which leads to poor generalization performance in supervised learning methods. To circumvent this problem, we propose a space partitioning algorithm for uni-modal queries that employs the negative examples to infer a convex polytope containing the relevant set and yields improved performance over a SVM based classification approach.

I am presently a Ph.D. candidate in the IVC group at Boston University. I am involved in research related to object detection, person tracking and sign language recognition. My dissertation topic relates to exploiting linguistics constraints for handshape recognitions in signing video with a goal towards building a person independent large vocabulary sign recognizing system. Handshapes play a key role in in sign language with linguistic rules governing the transitions among different handshapes within a sign. My thesis explores a probabilistic formulation to express and exploit linguistic constraints on handshapes employed in lexical signs (lexical signs are the largest class of signs in most signed languages). We propose non-rigid image alignment towards obtaining robust similarity measures to match handshape appearance across different signers. In collaborations with linguists, I am also involved in the collection and preparation of a large corpus of American Sign Language (ASL) video annotated with linguistic information.

I have served as a reviewer for CIVR, CVPR, ECCV, ICCV, IJCV and Transactions on Image Processing. I served as an organizer of IVC seminars during 2009-2010.