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Davoodi Solves Tech Problems

Presentations Plagued! Kicking the start of presentations off with the strong intro from the first group, there was a forstalled halt! Read more in the story linked below about the Hero, Mr Davoodi handling some tech probelms.

Start of presentations

And so it begins! The start of the long awaited Final presnetations. We have been preparing for it all semester long, lets see the culmination of all our skills in this showcase of knowledge. Davoodi be merciful, we will make it out alive.

Recent Posts

December 2

A merciful Davoodi

Read our Hot off the press story about how Mr. Davoodi gave a very merciful Final exam review on the last lecture of his class. In a time where it is uncommon for professors to give their students a break, Davoodi breaks the mold in CS teaching.

December 5

The start of the presentations

December 5, marked the day of the stary of the onslaught of presentations by the class of CS103. Read our story, which was taken live at the scene. It has some incredible CS, some technical difficulties and more!

December 7

Day 2 of presentations!

The second part of our saga about the CS103 presentations! Read more about how the day was filled with a myriad of Travel blogs, art commentary and a special cameo from TypeIt! How do today's presentations stack up against the ones from yesterday?


The Start of CSS

The second of the big 3 of CS103.

Don't miss this in depth story about the how the class of CS103 delves into the world of CSS. Read about the next step of how the class learns how to make beutiful web pages with external pages linking to the HTML. Truly it can enhance the experience of the page through CSS.

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