Elham Saraee
Department of Computer Science, Boston University

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About me

Current Research

My research involves Facial and Gesture Analysis in static images and videos. I apply Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning algorithms to design a rehabilitation system for patients who need upper body physical therapy. Our system gets the specific body points using the Kinect and then models the posture of the user using Gaussian Mixture Model in order to evaluate their exercise and detect the wrong postures. I have also designed a dynamically difficulty adjustment system using Reinforcement Learning applied to the exercises prescribed for patients based on their performance.

In addition, we are designing a computer vision system that monitors the face of students while interacting with an online tutoring system in order to get feedback whehter the students are engaged or not and evaluate the grit in long term. I use Deep Learning to extract the required facial featrures to recognize the affective state of the student.

Teaching Experience

  • Boston University (2013 - Current)
    • Graduate Teaching Fellow, Image and Video Computing ,( Fall 2016).
    • Graduate Teaching Fellow, Introduction to Electronics,( Fall 2015).
    • Graduate Teaching Fellow, Introduction to Logic circuits, (Spring 2014).
    • Graduate Teach- ing Fellow, Introduction to Logic circuits, (Fall 2013).

  • Sharif University of Technology(2008 - 2013)
    • Coordinator and Lab TA, Principals of Electrical Engineering, (Fall 2012).
    • Lab Teaching Assistant, Principals of Electronics, (Fall 2012).
    • Lab Teaching Assistant, Analog Circuits, (Spring 2011).
    • Lab Teaching Assistant, Principals of Electronics, (Fall 2010).