Tarikul Islam Papon

PhD Researcher

Computer Science Department
Boston University


I am Md Tarikul Islam Papon, a third year PhD student at the Computer Science Department of Boston University advised by Professor Manos Athanassoulis. I am a member of the BU Data-intensive Systems and Computing (DiSC) lab, and part of the MiDAS group@BU. My research interests broadly include Data Systems, specifically focusing on hardware-aware data management challenges, stemming from the evolution of storage and memory devices. During last summer, I worked as a Research Intern at Microsoft Research's Data Systems Group.

Prior to joining Boston University, I was a lecturer at the Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) in Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET) for 4 years. I completed my MSc and BSc degree from the same department under the supervision of Dr. Ashikur Rahman. There I worked on medical informatics using various machine learning and embedded system techniques for health monitoring.

Outside of the office I enjoy traveling and playing Pool (mostly 8 Ball and 9 Ball) and Table Tennis. I also love watching movie and tv series.

Professional Experience

  • PhD Researcher, Boston Univeristy (Sept 2019 - Present)
  • Research Intern, Microsoft Research (May 2021 - Aug 2021)
  • Lecturer, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Oct 2015 - August 2019)

[Recent News]

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  • Jan 2022 - One of my MSc works "UACD: A Local Approach for Identifying the Most Influential Spreaders in Twitter in a Distributed Environment" got accepted in Social Network Analysis and Mining (SNAM).
  • Sept 2021 - Many thanks to Cisco Research and Red Hat for supporting my research on software-hardware co-designed data systems!
  • June 2021 - Our work "A Parametric I/O Model for Modern Storage Devices" got accepted in DaMoN 2021! [Official Paper] [Video] [Slides]
  • Mar 2021 - Really excited to share that I will be joining Microsoft Research as a Research Intern in Summer 2021!
  • Jan 2021 - "The Need for a New I/O Model" wins honorable mention for Best Gong Show talk at CIDR 2021! [Paper] [Website] [Video] [Slides]
  • Oct 2020 - Our work on "The Need for a New I/O Model" has been accepted in the gong show of CIDR, 2021!
  • Jul 2020 - Lethe resources are now online! [Paper] [arXiv] [Website] [SIGMOD Presentation Video] [Slides]
  • May 2020 - My current research work on "Parametric I/O Model" was voted as the Best Research Project by peer evaluation in CS 591 class!
  • Mar 2020 - Our work "Lethe: A Tunable Delete-Aware LSM Engine" has been accepted for publication in SIGMOD, 2020!
  • Jan 2020 - Our work "Lethe: A Delete-Aware LSM-Based Storage Engine" has been accepted as a Spotlight Talk in NEDB Day 2020! [Poster]
  • Sept 2019 - I have joined BU CS for my PhD!
  • May 2019 - I have been awarded MSc degree from CSE, BUET!


I am currently developing a new design paradigm for interacting with durable storage that takes into account performance asymmetry between read and write operations, as well as the variable access concurrency that different devices may support. In addition, I am designing new abstractions for data systems architectures supporting efficient hybrid transactional/analytical processing (HTAP). I am also working on designing modern data systems that can support efficient persistent deletes. Prior to joining BU, I worked on medical informatics including software/hardware co-design approaches using various machine learning and embedded system techniques for tele-health monitoring.

My Research Interest Wordl

Current Projects

The New Parametric I/O Model

We propose a simple yet expressive I/O model that considers asymmetry and concurrency of contemporary storage devices.

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Lethe: A Tunable Delete-Aware LSM Engine

Lethe provides persistence guarantees for delete operations within bounded time and enables efficient secondary range deletes in LSM-based storage engines.

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Relational Memory

We introduce a new type of near-memory computation to transform between row-oriented data to column-oriented data on the fly.

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Computer Science Department, MCS 105C
Boston University
111 Cummington Mall
Boston, MA 02215