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... on a "timeless" journey to become to Dr. You Know Who!

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Hello there! Welcome to my homepage.
I'm a 4th year PhD student who recently transfered from the Department of Computer Engineering to the Department of Computer Science. I work as a real-time system's researcher in the BOSS group led by my adviser, Doctor Who! ... or as most people know him: Professor Richard West. Together we roll our sleeves up everyday and get down to the nitty gritty of designing and building cyber-physical embedded systems for safety-critical and time-sensitive applications. My ultimate goal is to build my very own time-machine! But until then, all my research efforts go towards ensuring timing predictability, smart resource management and enhanced environmental awareness for these systems thus enabling adaptable system behavior with gauranteed temporal & spatial isolation and efficient run-time performance. My research interests include:

  • real-time operating systems,
  • hardware-software codesign,
  • mixed criticality systems especially those related to avionics and the automotive domain,
  • on- & off-chip distributed systems along with their end-2-end (e.g. sensor to actuator) latency sensitive communication infrastructures.

Im currently working on the design of an autonomous flight management system for quadcopter drones that works in a distributed manner on a single-chip Intel x86 multicore processor. If you are interested to know more, feel free to drop me an email @ afarrukh [at] bu [dot] edu and I'd be more than happy to get back to you with all the excruciating details of my work. What can I say...I love talking research. (you've been warned!)

Some mundane particulars about my happy self:

I graduated on the Dean's Honors list with a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from my hometown university, Lahore University of Management and Sciences (LUMS) back in Pakistan. At the time I was working in Computer Architecture and designed a MIPs unicore pipelined processor in VHDL. Later on, in my first year of PhD @ BU I transitioned over to RISC-V before joining Professor West's incredible system's group. I think I've finally found my calling!



Conference Papers

  • Anam Farrukh and Richard West, "smARTflight: An Environmentally-Aware Adaptive Real-Time Flight Management System", in Proceedings of the 32nd Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems (ECRTS), Modena, Italy, 7-10 July, 2020. (Outstanding Paper, Best Paper Award) [pdf] [presentation] [Author Page @ ECRTS-2020]

  • Michel Kinsy, Shreeya Khadka, Mihailo Isakov and Anam Farrukh: “Hermes: Secure Heterogeneous Multicore Architecture Design”, in IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST), May 2017. [pdf]

Technical Reports

  • Anam Farrukh, "Cleanfight Flight Controller: A Nose Dive into the Frequency Domain", Technical Report, Department of Computer Science, Boston University, 2019 [pdf]

Graduate Teaching Fellowships


  • CS112: Introduction to Computer Science 2 - Summer-I & II 2020
  • CS350: Fundamentals of Computer Systems - Fall 2019, Fall & Spring 2020
  • CS591: Topics in Computer Science - Summer-II 2019
  • CS111: Introduction to Computer Science 1 - Summer-I 2019
  • CS552: Operating Systems - Spring 2018,2019
  • EC440: Introduction to Operating Systems - Fall 2017,2018
  • CS410: Advanced Software Systems - Fall 2018
  • EC327: Software Engineering - Summer 2018,2017

Contact Information

CS Department
Boston University
111 Cummington Mall
Boston, MA 02215