CS 460
Spring 2019

Introduction to Database Systems


The first lecture for the semester will be held on January 23 in KCB 101. There are no labs on January 23.

For more information, contact Dr. Sullivan.

Most of the course materials are found on this site using the links in the navigation bar.

The course announcements and lecture materials are found on Blackboard.

Course information

Course description
This course covers the fundamental concepts of database systems. Topics include data models (ER, relational, and others); query languages (relational algebra, SQL, and others); implementation techniques of database management systems (index structures, concurrency control, recovery, and query processing); management of semistructured and complex data; distributed and noSQL databases.
David G. Sullivan, Ph.D., Master Lecturer
(see the staff page for contact information and office hours)
MWF, 1:25-2:15 pm, KCB 101
All students must attend the one-hour lab session for which they are enrolled.
Course Materials
  • There is no required textbook for the course. We will provide detailed lecture notes and optional supplemental readings.
  • Many of the optional readings come from the following textbook: Database Systems: The Complete Book (2nd edition) by Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeff Ullman, and Jennifer Widom (ISBN 978-0131873254, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009).