Publications & Talks



Keypoint-Driven Line Drawing Vectorization via PolyVector Flow

Ivan Puhachov, William Neveu, Edward Chien, Mikhail Bessmeltsev

ACM Transactions on Graphics Vol. 40, No. 6 (SIGGRAPH Asia 2021)

Presented: December 2021, SIGGRAPH Asia 2021, Tokyo International Forum (presentation by Ivan Puhachov)






A Subspace Method for Fast Locally Injective Harmonic Mapping

Eden Fedida Hefetz, Edward Chien, Ofir Weber

Computer Graphics Forum Vol. 38, No. 2 (Eurographics 2019)

Presented: May 2019, Eurographics 2019, Porto Antico Conference Center, Genoa, Italy



Stochastic Wasserstein Barycenters

Sebastian Claici, Edward Chien, Justin Solomon

Proceedings of Machine Learning Research Vol. 80 (ICML 2018)

Presented: July 2018, ICML 2018, Stockholmsmässan (presentation by Sebastian Claici)


Singularity Constrained Octahedral Fields for Hexahedral Meshing

Heng Liu, Paul Zhang, Edward Chien, Justin Solomon, David Bommes

ACM Transactions on Graphics Vol. 37, No. 4 (SIGGRAPH 2018)

Presented: August 2018, SIGGRAPH 2018, Vancouver Convention Centre (presentation by Heng Liu)


Fast Planar Harmonic Deformations with Alternating Tangential Projections

Eden Fedida Hefetz, Edward Chien, Ofir Weber

Computer Graphics Forum Vol. 36, Issue 5 (SGP 2017)

Presented: July 2017, SGP 2017, University College London (presentation by Eden Fedida Hefetz)


Harmonic Global Parametrization with Rational Holonomy

Alon Bright*, Edward Chien*, Ofir Weber (*equal contribution)

ACM Transactions on Graphics Vol. 36, No. 4 (SIGGRAPH 2017)

Presented: August 2017, SIGGRAPH 2017, Los Angeles Convention Center

Supplementary Results



Bounded Distortion Harmonic Shape Interpolation

Edward Chien, Renjie Chen, Ofir Weber

ACM Transactions on Graphics Vol. 35, No. 4 (SIGGRAPH 2016)

Presented: July 2016, SIGGRAPH 2016, Anaheim Convention Center

Presented: June 2016, Ben-Chen Lab Seminar, Technion

Supplementary Video

Code (courtesy of Renjie Chen)

Square Tilings of Surfaces from Discrete Harmonic 1-Chains

Edward Chien, under supervision of Feng Luo

PhD Thesis (October 2015)

Mathematics Department, Rutgers University

Presented: May 2015, Temple Graduate Student Conference in Algebra, Geometry, and Topology

Presented: Feb. 2015, Geometry Seminar, Purdue University

Presented: Dec. 2014, Geometry and Topology Seminar, Temple University

Presented: Nov. 2014, Geometry and Topology Seminar, Rutgers University